The BCATML newsletter appears three times a year about 4 weeks after deadline dates.



 Spring  February 15
. Fall  June 15
 Winter  November 1

Articles pertain to the interest areas of the members, because YOU share your ideas with the rest of us. If you have an idea to share, a classroom activity, a new way to use a resource, or ???- please contact the Newsletter editor.

We can print in any of the teaching languages (scan if we have to). If your article is not in English, please include a brief summary of the content for the rest of us.

The newsletter is sent to all BCATML members, so make sure to keep your membership current!

Articles should include your name, address, telephone number and email address plus a short description of you and where you teach (including a digital photo if possible). Digital photos may accompany the article as long as you have permission to share them. PDFs of classroom pages or activities may also be attached.

Please email material in Word (.doc) format to the editor. You may send an accompanying PDF version if formatting issues are a concern.

Length of articles varies from 300-1000 words. Longer articles may be edited.

The editor reserves the right to alter the text in any way necessary to conform to the objectives and mandates of the BCATML.

Advertising Guidelines:

For information on how to advertise in our publications, please contact the Newsletter editor.

Most recent issues of our newsletter downloadable from our homepage.